The Scent Avalanche Burner

$70.00 $29.95

This is a back flow incense burner made of unique and premium materials designed to calm your soul by cleansing the natural flow of energy in your room and help you focus on your meditation or specific task. 

The Scent Avalanche Burner is a beautiful piece of decor allowing you to showcase the burning of your favourite backflow cones and watching the smoke floating down the different levels of your incense holder.

We also included 10 backflow cones, so you can start using your new favourite item immediately. It’s made out of ceramic, with a lovely transition from light blue to a darker blue all the way to a dark brown with some ochre included, it is suitable for any home adding a new sense of style to your house. 
With the The Scent Avalanche Burner, the smoke isn’t just floating around into the air like with regular incense holders, it creates an eye-catching waterfall effect and slowly tumbles it’s way from the top of the burner to the pool at the bottom. All you have to do is light up a backflow incense cone in a closed environment, without wind, and the smoke will flow from top to bottom through the different levels of the ceramic incense holder, which makes it look like a waterfall.

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