Cycling Indicator Vest

$58.00 $46.00

No More Worries About Turning While Cycling!

Is SAFETY important for you?

Thousands of people killed and/or injured every year in fatal cyclist collisions. It is also the fact that using your hand as a signal does NOT work at night. If you do CARE about your SAFETY, then this LED Cycling Indicator Vest is a must-have. 

This is Perfect for being safe in traffic! Wear this everywhere when you are in traffic to ensure your safety!

Keep safe on the roads with this easy to use LED Cycling Indicator Vest attachment designed to fit over your clothes like a light backpack.

With a wireless remote control that you can attach to your handlebars, you can let others know what way you wish to turn without having to use arm signals.

This really is a great idea if you cycle in busy cities and make you stand out to other road users.